Practical Realities of Living In Ukraine Series

As I enter my last full month of my Fulbright experience, I realize that I haven't ever shared with you all the practical realities of living in Ukraine. You have enjoyed stories of my crazy mishaps and my amazing success but none of those stories actually tell you how I spend my days! 


So, I have come up with a series of topics about my day to day life that I will share with you. I remember trying to write some of these blogs at the start of my experience. Trying to share with you how I get from place to place or how I buy my food. But look back, I am very happy that I waited because I think I have a much better understanding of these realities now...8 months in. 

My goal will be to write two or three of these articles for the next few weeks. Topics might include what I eat, what my apartment is like, how my language training is going, and what teaching is like in Ukraine. 


But we will see how they go and maybe I will receive different inspiration. As I always tell my students,

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    Andrew (Saturday, 12 May 2018 13:24)

    How many "true" friends did you find in Ukraine?(if you did)