New year. New me!

As some of you know...but many of you don't I am back in Ukraine for another year! 


Last year after returning from home at Christmas, I really started to feel like Ukraine was a good place for me. There are many reasons for this but it all really comes down to the fact that I am really happy here. And for that reason, I started to put out some feelers for possible job opportunities to stay here in Ukraine. In the Spring, I accepted a job with the London School of English in Kyiv as an English teacher. 


This summer, I went to Odessa (in the south of Ukraine) to take my English teaching certification course (CELTA). After a month of studying and teaching and more studying, I 'graduated' with a CELTA certificate and then I came home for a bit of a vacation. 


Two weeks ago, I said goodbye to my family again and came back to Ukraine. Moved into my new apartment in Kyiv. Last week was work orientation and this week...Classes start! 


To be honest, I can't believe this is what I am actually doing. For years everyone around me said that I would be a great teacher. And for years I told everyone around me that I would teach over my dead body. Well, here I am. Completely alive and teaching. And really liking it. 


But, I am also terrified. Overwhelmed by all I don't know and fears of letting my students down. Paralyzed by my own worries. 


My boss, at LSE, she keeps saying take it one step at a time. And I am trying to remind myself to do that. One day, one class, one lesson plan at a time. Because when I look through theses textbooks and syllabi and grammar books...all I am reminded of is how little I know! 


Enough of my musing of my anxieties. 


Good things are happening too. I love Kyiv. I love living in the bigger city, I love reading on the metro on my commute to work, I love all the people and all of the opportunities, and I love my new apartment. 


I am also very lucky because I am starting out with four other new native speaker teachers and in total 10 new teachers at LSE (I think...there are a lot of us).  I get along well with the other teachers and feel like for the first time since I arrived in Ukraine I have a really healthy group of friends with common interests.

Hanging out with so many Brits is really changing my vocabulary though. I've gotten to the point where I sort of think in British English and then when I go to speak I say crazy things because it is a mixture of American English and British English. So that has created some funny moments.


All is all. Life is good. Life is crazy. I am anxious...but what is new? I am working hard at taking this whole thing one small step at a time. Thoughts...advice..funny jokes to distract me. All are welcome. 


Hopefully, I will write again soon (at least sooner than my last post!) But we will see what happens here with my first couple weeks of school. 


До свидания. 

Bye for now! 



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    Charlene (Sunday, 02 September 2018 12:37)

    You are amazing. This is such a great chapter in your life story and I am sure it will be written as well as the others. Blessings to you as your journey on.
    Love Charlene

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    Samantha Ea (Monday, 03 September 2018 08:29)

    You are awesome. I hope year two in Ukraine brings many more memories and growing experiences. Cheers to you, my friend! Best of luck!! <3

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    Aunt Mary (Monday, 03 September 2018 08:46)

    Glad everything is going well. Happy and worry all the time for you. Take care. Love Aunt Mary. PS Joann's has 60% off one item today!

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    Ellen Macdonald (Tuesday, 04 September 2018 18:33)

    My daughter went to Japan to teach English with no training. She stayed 3 years and has been in the field most of the time since. 20+ years. It has been rewarding. She is now the grammar go-to person in the family. All the best to you. You are remarkable person!