08. June 2019
Well, I am pretty sure some of you thought this blog was defunct. But not yet! 9 months after my last blog post and all I can say is whew. So much has happened in the last nine months that to write about it all would be impossible but here is a quick list of the highlights. Started teaching. Loved teaching. Met the handsome man I call my boyfriend. Met some great friends. Started Russian lessons with one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. Still loved teaching. Started to dislike...

02. September 2018
As some of you know...but many of you don't I am back in Ukraine for another year! Last year after returning from home at Christmas, I really started to feel like Ukraine was a good place for me. There are many reasons for this but it all really comes down to the fact that I am really happy here. And for that reason, I started to put out some feelers for possible job opportunities to stay here in Ukraine. In the Spring, I accepted a job with the London School of English in Kyiv as an English...

14. May 2018
Find out about what I eat, what I cook, and where I go shopping!

11. May 2018
A new series to introduce you to my life in Ukraine. If there is something you are curious about...ASK! Because it sometimes hard to remember what can be surprising or interesting to non-Ukrainians. No question is a stupid question. I promise. 

12. April 2018
Tomorrow marks my 7 month-iversary of arriving to Ukraine. Thinking back, my head SPINS when I think about everything that has changed. How much I have grown, how much I have learned, how many mistakes I have made... One thing is for sure. Ukraine has stolen my heart. This country has wiggled it's way into my life. Through Ukraine's weaknesses, it's annoyances, it's chaos..I see a lot of hope, a lot of strength, and so much beauty. Read on for 7 things I have learned in 7 months of being here.

01. April 2018
Educational exchange, the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and realness, turn faceless nations into humanized people.

14. February 2018
The holiday season in Ukraine is quite long, even compared to the long holiday season in the States. It officially starts on St. Nicolas day (December 16th). The holiday season officially ended on January 16th with the celebration of Old New Year (the first day of the new year according to the Julian calendar.) This long period of time was filled with a lot of celebrating.

23. January 2018
Long time no write! While I have not been want for topics, I have been want for time to sit down and write the blogs that have been sitting in my head. But I have found some time in my schedule and hopefully in the next few days I will be all caught up and you will have lots of reading about what my life is like right now! A quick overview/preview, I returned to the States for seven days for Christmas with my family on the 23rd of December. The return was good and it was nice to be around my...

10. December 2017
"Betsy you are going to experience the humanity of people in ways that you have never had to experience before." I understood what she was saying and knew that I would meet nice and kind people here in Ukraine. Keziah’s words came back to me, as I was sitting on that cold bus in the middle of Ukraine sipping on tea and snacking on a pastry. These were the people that Keziah promised I would meet. Their kindness for me, a complete stranger, was incredible.

06. December 2017
It has been almost a month since my last update and lately I have been feeling a little guilty about it. Betsy you should really sit down and write. Betsy stop being lazy write a blog post. BETSY JUST DO IT ALREADY.

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