Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Ukraine? 



Don't feel bad if you don't know where Ukraine is, a lot of people I have come crossed have asked me about location. Ukraine is in South Eastern Europe and it is the largest country fully in Europe. It is 233,100 sq. mi., which is slightly smaller than Texas but bigger than California. 

What language do they speak in Ukraine?


Ukrainians speak Ukrainian and Russian and where I am going, they usually speak a combination of the two languages called су́ржик or surzhyk. While I am in Ukraine, I will be working on my Russian but I will also be picking up Ukrainian along the way.


Aren't they in the middle of a war? 

If you are asking this question, thank you for paying attention to the news! Yes, Ukraine is currently engaged in an armed conflict with Russian in Eastern Ukraine. Additionally, Russia has taken over the Crimean peninsula in Southern Ukraine. This conflict does not exist in a vacuum and as most wars do, has a very complicated history. If you have more questions, please let me know! 


Is it Ukraine or 'The Ukraine'

Just Ukraine. Long story short, the Ukraine indicates that Ukraine is a part of a larger entity, as it was during the Soviet Union. But, Ukraine has been it's own independent country for 27 years now and deserves to be treated as any other independent nation. Read more about the importance of the correct terminology in this article. 


Where are you living and teaching? 

I am living in Kropyvnytskyi (formerly, Kirovoghrad). Kropyvnytskyi is right in the middle of Ukraine, about 6 hours by train from the capital, Kyiv. I will be teaching at the Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University. I will be teaching university level students conversation English and American Culture.




A major reason I applied for Fulbright in Eastern Europe is because I realized that many Americans (i.e. many of my family and friends) don't know much about Ukraine. Heck, a year ago I knew nothing (still up in the air if I know anything at all). So, I would like to give you a chance to ask questions. You can submit them below and every few blogs I will answer them! If you want i can include you name otherwise they will be anonymous! Just remember, no question is a stupid question-so ask away! 

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